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This month we are featuring winners for October and November.  Our October winner was "Jia & Kuno" sent in by Narelle, with the most likes on a pet of the month photo that we have ever had! Congratulations :) Enjoy your prizes! 







Contents of this newsletter
      01  Pet of the Month Winner for November
      02  Merry Christmas to our furry friends
      03  Scary Thunderstorms
      04  Snake Danger!
      05  Christmas holiday safety tips
      06  Parasites and your pooch
      07  The truth about Toxoplasmosis
      08  Top 3 funniest looking dog breeds





01 Pet of the Month Winner for November







Our Pet of the Month Winner for November is "Dusty & Socks" sent in by Skye.There were some great photos, all     of which feature on our facebook page. If you haven't been there already, click on the link and LIKE our page today!   

Don't forget to send your xmas themed pet photos in to us     soon. We would love to see them! 




02 Merry Christmas to our furry friends







To help get you and your furry friend in the spirit of  Christmas we're running our annual Christmas Pet Photo Competition. We had     some great entries last year and this year we are hoping for even     more! Your pets love to get involved in the xmas fun at this time of year with the rest of the family. There will be great prizes for the best entry plus it's just plain good fun!!   

Upload your photos to our Facebook page or send them in to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Yes our pet of the month competition is so popular we had to get an email address just for it.    

And just in case you need a laugh.... click here to view   the animals of YouTube singing the 'Twelve Days of Christmas'.





03 Scary Thunderstorms







Is your dog microchipped?? Due to thunderstorms last     month we have been inundated with stray dogs that have escaped their  yard and are NOT microchipped. A simple one off payment of $50 for a microchip will last your dog for life and will save you a lot of money on Pound Fees. If your pet is microchipped it will find its home within minutes if scanned by a Vet Clinic or the Rangers. Contact the clinic on 99211 797 for more information and get your dog chipped now- same goes for cats. Click here for more info   

If your pet is scared of thunder let it inside and find it a     spot where it feels secure and safe. Our cat gets under the doona! Don't fuss over them though because they will think their behaviour is acceptable and that will only reinforce their scared behaviour. Just ignore any scared behaviour. 







04 Snake Danger!




1 420Antivenoms



SNAKES!!! Did you see the article in the paper about snakes around Geraldton? Please be aware that snakes are active and could be a real problem for your pets this year.  We have had over 10 pets come into the clinic within the last 3 weeks that have been either bitten by a snake or found playing with one.   

Early signs that your pet may have been bitten by a snake are:  

  • Vomiting and panting
  • Sudden weakness followed by a collapse
  • Vocalisation/distress in cats
  • Respiratory distress               

Don't be fooled by an apparent recovery in your pet if you     suspect a snakebite. This is followed by a severe collapse then often death. Read more about snake bite on our website.   

We always carry antivenom, so if you suspect snake bite ring  the clinic on 99211797 all hours. 




05 Christmas holiday safety tips










Of course you want to include your furry companions in the festivities but as you celebrate this Christmas be sure to steer them clearof the following dangers:    

O Christmas tree: Secure your Christmas tree so it doesn't tip or fall. Don't let your pet access tree water and keep any wires and batteries out of paws' reach   

Tinsel and Christmas lights: Kitties love these sparkly "toys" but if swallowed, it can lead to an obstructed digestive tract  

Feasting furries: Keep your pets away from the table and unattended plates of food and secure the lids on rubbish bins. Fatty, spicy human foods and cooked bones should not be fed to your furry friends   

Toy joy: Looking to stuff your pet's stockings? Choose gifts that are safe:    

Dogs: Stick with chew toys that are indestructible such as     Kongs. These can be stuffed with healthy foods that are safely digestible. See http://www.kongcompany.com/   

Cats: Long, stringy things are a feline's dream, but are     also the most risky. Ribbon, yarn and loose little parts can get stuck in the intestines. Surprise your kitty with a new ball that's too big to swallow or a stuffed catnip toy 




06 Parasites and your pooch







We all know that parasites can be a threat to your dog's     health. Here's a few of the major parasites we worry about:   

1. Fleas: These nasty little critters suck your dog's blood and can cause uncontrollable itchiness, a condition     called flea allergy dermatitis   

2. Heartworm: A parasite, spread by mosquitos which can cause heart disease and even death   

3. Intestinal worms: Hookworm, roundworm  and whipworm infections can all lead to ill health in your dog   

Sanford Vet Clinic has products and more importantly the     advice to protect against all three. Come in to the Clinic and talk to our trained Vet Nurses and find out how to:   

  • Treat, prevent and controls fleas
  • Control flea allergy dermatitis
  • Prevent heartworm disease
  • Treat and control adult hookworm, roundworm and whipworm infections
  • Get the knowledge to keep your pet healthy, happy and parasite free!                   

Ring us on 99211 797  




07 The truth about Toxoplasmosis




Screen Shot 2012 10 30 at 8.54.36 AM



There's been a bit of talk about Toxoplasmosis in the media recently and cats have been inaccurately singled out as a major cause of the disease.  

The good news is that owning a cat does not in itself     increase your risk of being infected by this parasite. The majority of human infections are thought to occur through the ingestion of undercooked  meat OR poor hygiene e.g not washing hands after gardening or not washing vegetables before serving.


  • The risk of infection from cats is low except in young children playing in contaminated soil/sandpits
  • It is rare that pet cats are infected with Toxoplasmosis       

For the most accurate information we suggest you refer to     the following link:   





08 Top 3 funniest looking dog breeds






Bedlington Terrier




Hungarian Puli




Brussels Griffon



1. Bedlington Terrier   

Hold on a minute, is that a dog or a sheep?   

Originating from Bedlington, England, this lamb-like looking dog is incredibly smart, attentive and loyal. Their body shape is different  from that of most terriers (resembling a sighthound) which enables these dogs to gallop at great speed and hunt foxes and rabbits. 














2. Puli


Eh mon! This Puli kicks it Jamaican style, but despite the     dreadlocks he actually originates from Hungary.   

His primary role is herding livestock, and his curiously     thick fur not only looks really cool but is virtually water resistant. His amazing coat does need considerable grooming to keep its cords clean, neat, and attractive.










3. Brussels Griffon   

This hilarious looking breed is known to have a huge heart     and a strong desire to snuggle and be with his or her master. They do however have a tendency to dominate other dogs, despite their diminutive frame.   

How could such a cute little guy be so bossy? 






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