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June 2013 Email Newsletter


  • Pet of the Month Winner for May!
  • Is you pet trying to tell you something?
  • Royal dogs
  • Protect your dog from deadly parvovirus
  • How cute is this!!
  • Jim's injured knee
  • Smart cats

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May 2013 Email Newsletter


  • Could you recognise heart disease in your pet
  • Pet of the month winner
  • Midwest Pet Fair
  • Parasites your cat can get living inside
  • Travelling with pets
  • It's time to flip the lip
  • Keeping Guinea Pigs as pets

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April 2013 Email Newsletter


  • Welcome our new Vet Dr Jane Dupre
  • Death by chocolate
  • When vomiting gets serious
  • Being a responsible cat owner
  • Top ten things you need as a pet owner
  • Going crazy for a laugh

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March 2013 Email Newsletter


  • Shame on you
  • What on earth is my cat up to
  • Safe beds for pets
  • Big dogs
  • Secrets of the perfect diet revealed!

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February 2013 Email Newsletter


  • Wipe out fleas this summer
  • February funnies
  • Is your pet left or right pawed
  • The itchy and scratchy show
  • Case study: The itchy cat
  • Test your dog's IQ

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