Winter delights hold chill warning

The rains have finally come and with it a change of seasons. The countryside is changing and putting on a green cloak. A cool crispness in the air adds to the friskiness of dogs everywhere as they enjoy their rambling walks in the pre dawn morning light which holds the promise of another new and exciting day.

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Parvovirus Warning

Every year during winter, Geraldton veterinarians see an increase in dogs suffering from parvovirus.  This is one of the most dangerous infections dogs can be exposed to.  Even with the very best treatment, some dogs/puppies will not survive when infected.

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Sea Hare Threat to Dogs

Sanford Veterinary Clinic is warning that sea hares (aplysia gigantea) are being spotted regularly washed up on Geraldton beaches. This occurs every summer in the midwest. 

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Does your dog have Mange?

In the summer months, Sanford Veterinary Clinic sees more dogs with balding, red, itchy looking skin around the base of the tail and back.

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