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Pre-Anaesthetic Blood Tests

One of the greatest concerns of pet owners is anaesthetic and surgical safety.

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 Grass-seed danger in Spring 

During spring it is common for pets to develop abscesses and infections caused by penetrating grass seeds.

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 Pet safety tips for Christmas cheer 

Christmas is a great time to get together and celebrate with family and our pets being part of the family are of course included in the festivities. But Christmas time hides potential dangers for our pets that we might not have considered.

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Obesity in Pets 

You love your pet but does that mean it should have love handles?

Obesity is one of the most common nutritional disorders in our pets today. It is estimated that close to 60% of all dogs are overweight and 40% of cats are obese. Doesn't apply to you? Read on....It is also estimated that 60% of dog owners and 40% of cat owners are afflicted with skinny eyes syndrome. They are unable to view their pets as being overweight.

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Health Benefits of Pet Ownership 

In today‚Äôs society there is no doubt that the human-animal bond is stronger than ever. 

Animals have moved from the backyard to the bedroom and most pet owners consider their pets as an integral part of the family.  Research has found there are additional human health benefits to owning a pet, something most pet owners have long suspected.  Animals have been shown to improve health in several ways and can have social and psychological benefits as well.

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Bringing home a new pet 

Bringing home a new pet to join the family is an exciting time. However regardless of whether you have just brought home a new puppy or kitten, training should begin straight away. It is easy for a dog or cat to pick up bad habits quickly, especially when they are settling in. If you let your puppy sleep in your bed initially, this is where they will expect to sleep for the rest of their life and it may not be as fun when they grow to be a hairy 20kg adult dog!

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