Bad breath in pets, especially dogs, is often joked about, but is not a laughing matter.  Bad breath is caused by small infections in the gums from plaque build up (same as in humans).  The plaque and any infected areas of the mouth contain bacteria which can seed infection to other organs.  The body is constantly fighting off these infections and it actually causes kidney and liver damage.  Over years this is directly linked to kidney failure.  The heart, intestinal tract, and joints can also be affected. 

What can I do?

These teeth need attentionOne of the best things a pet owner can do to insure the overall health of their pet is to do routine checking of the teeth, gums and oral cavity. Check the condition of your pet’s teeth now.  Teeth should be white and the gums a healthy pink colour.  Gently lift the lips and check for plaque, discoloured teeth, bad breath, inflamed gums or missing/broken teeth.  Both cats and dogs with dental problems can exhibit reluctance to eat or play with toys, “chattering” of the teeth when trying to eat, lethargy, bleeding gums, and eroded teeth. Cats can exhibit increased drooling or failure to groom.   

Examination is the key to diagnosis, and helps determine the type of treatment needed.  When your home exam reveals any dental problems, or if you are still uncertain, please make an appointment and come in to see us.


Dr Thompson -dental careWhat may a dental exam include for my pet?

If a day surgery is required, it will more than likely involve a full general anaesthetic. This will help to take away your pet's anxiousness and nerves. Most dentistry's involve a scale and polish of all teeth which will remove both plaque and tartar. In the more severe cases, teeth are removed due to the tooth roots being damaged and exposed.

How can I help?

Your pet does not have to suffer the pain and discomfort of untreated broken, loose teeth, or infected gums. You can help by giving your pet regular dental chew treats, providing them with chew toys and raw bones. This, in addition to the help of thorough examinations, x-rays, annual veterinary dental checks, your pet can have healthy teeth and keep smiling.

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