Digital X-Rays & Ultrasound

Taking digital X-raysSanford Veterinary Clinic is equipped with the latest in computerised digital x-ray technology.  Medical imaging is a vital diagnostic tool and you can be assured that should your pet need radiological imaging, we can guarantee it has access to the best.

Digital x-rays provide a huge image quality improvement over conventional x-ray systems.  This allows Sanford Veterinary Clinic to diagnose more conditions in your pet than ever before.  It means that fewer conditions are missed and a better result for your pet.  All x-ray images are kept on our database, linked to your pets medical records.  In addition we can show your pets x-rays on any consult computer screen and can zoom and manipulate images to give you a full understanding of your pets condition.

We also have a high quality ultrasound machine for non invasive internal imaging.  This helps us assess liver, spleen, abdominal masses and pregnancy amongst other things.

Digital X-ray equipment











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