About Us 

Sanford Veterinary Clinic is the longest established animal hospital in the Midwest.   Sanford's long history of excellent care and patient satisfaction is due to to our welcoming, caring and experienced approach to your pets health. We stress the need for preventative care and early diagnostic testing, and provide interventional medicine, surgery and emergency care.

Sanford Veterinary Clinic seeks to set a high standard for excellent veterinary medicine and compassionate care. Our highly-skilled veterinarians and staff members all cooperate and work together toward one common goal: the well-being of your pet.

Along with providing the best medical care for your pet, Sanford Veterinary Clinic wants to educate pet owners on how to best care for their pets outside the hospital.  Subscribe now to our email newsletter right here on the website and as well as funny videos, get monthly hints on how to help your give your pets the best quality of life and help them live long, healthy lives.

Our hospital hours are: Monday-Friday, 8.00 am - 6.00pm, Saturday, 8.00 am - 12 noon and Sunday, 9.00 am to 12 noon. Ring the clinic number for emergency after hours information.

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