Welcome to Your Virtual Tour of Sanford Veterinary Clinic!

 RECEPTION AND WAITING reception1 340x255

Our friendly receptionists at our front desk are more than happy to answer any of your pet health care questions.  We are moving to appointment system from January 2011. Please ring 9921 797 for an appointment. We value your time and our large group of veterinarians and support staff plus state-of-the-art facilities mean that waiting times are kept to a minimum.




waiting1 350x263The comfortable waiting area has a full range of pet accessories, quality speciality foods as well as pet care products and toys!  Feel free to browse the products or relax with a magazine.  Our receptionist and nurses are happy to answer your questions and ensure your merchandise choices are the best possible fit for your pet.





CONSULTATION ROOMSconsult3 350x131

We have two computer equipped consulting rooms with digital x ray viewing and colour-full informative displays.  Even when we are busy, we always have room to accommodate your needs and fully explain all aspects of your pet's medical condition and treatment.   All your pet's medical history, ultrasounds and x-rays are recorded electronically in our secure database.   Don't forget to sign up for our free pet health reminder service!

treatment room 350x263The treatment room is where simple medical procedures are undertaken or where pets are prepared for major surgery.  It is a very busy part of the practice and is adjacent to the recovery area, x-ray room, surgery and lab.  Here we see  a veterinarian attending to a tooth issue.  Has your pet had it's dental check lately?






 LABORATORYlab3 280x105

The laboratory is where  diagnostic tests are undertaken. Blood analysis and pathology are important tools which are used to diagnose illness and achieve the best health care results for your pet.


xray 350x263Sanford Veterinary Clinic is equipped with the latest state of the art digital x-ray imaging equipment as well as ultrasound and endoscopy.  The digital x-ray provides our veterinarians with some of the most detailed imagery of internal structure and organs of any veterinary medical facility in Western Australia.







All pets have a dedicated nurse assigned to them while the veterinarian performs surgery in our modern operating theater.  The nurse monitors your pet's vital signs while under anaesthesia all the way through to recovery. 

Surgical safety is ensured by following the same protocol for all general anaesthetic procedures.

Thorough physical examination prior to any drugs given.

  • Premedication (to calm and relax your pet)
  • Tailored anaesthetic plan for your pet.
  • Pain relief.
  • Intravenous fluids.
  • Gaseous and intravenous anaesthetics.
  • Heating during and after surgery.
  • Monitoring.
  • Surgery.
  • Tattoo and Micro chipping.
  • Record keeping.
  • Comfortable recovery.
  • Discussion of home-care at the time of discharge.


recovery 350x263Our recovery ward is located in our treatment room. It has been designed so that our nursing staff can continually monitor your pet during its recovery from surgery.  Pets are kept warm, safe and relaxed.








Sanford Veterinary Clinic has both separate inside and outside animal wards as well as a dedicated cat ward.   Our dog ward can accommodate both large and small dogs while our feline patients have their own peaceful and quiet accommodation away from all the carry on from the dog ward. An outside exercise area allows patients to stretch their legs and get some sun.

An Isolation Ward is used for separating patients with contagious diseases, such as Parvovirus, from other patients in the clinic. All staff entering this ward are required to wear protective clothing and disinfect prior to leaving, preventing spread of disease to other animals.  It is important to note that parvo is preventable through annual vaccination.  Is your pet up to date?



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